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DePolymerase Predictor

The first ML phage depolymerase predictor running in your browser!


This is a web version of the DePolymerase Predictor (DePP) tool described in Magill & Skvortsov (2023) BMC Bioinformatics paper. DePP is a machine learning tool that predicts the probability of a protein being a phage depolymerase. Please note that this web version should only be used for small scale projects. We advise you to use either the GUI or CLI version of DePP for large scale analyses.


1. Select a FASTA file containing protein sequences for analysis.
2. [Optional] Select a training set (default training set is used if not provided).
3. Click "Calculate Protein Parameters" to generate a dataframe with protein parameters.
4. Click "Predict Phage Depolymerases" to predict the probability of proteins being phage depolymerases.
5. Click "Display Predictions" to show the analysis results in a table.
6. Save the results to CSV files as needed.
7. [Optional] Reset all settings and inputs for a new analysis.